Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Post??

There was a story today in the news about how over a hundred celebrities had their Apple iCloud accounts hacked.  The hackers proceeded to post nude photos of these stars, found in the cloud, online.  Experts determined that the hackers simply logged in by claiming that they had lost their passwords and answering the celebrities' security questions.  Amazing. 

No - this isn't Bill Hamilton.  I'm his son Derek Hamilton.

My father influenced my thinking on so many things. When I went off to college, I remember calling home and occasionally getting him on the phone in a talkative mood.  We had long conversations on everything from current events, math, politics  -- and his favorite topic -- theories of the origins of the universe.  Every topic was considered - the more arcane the better.

Not long after he died in January of 2012 I went back to his blog bricolagia and read through his entries.  I'm embarrassed to admit, I didn't read his blogs consistently when he was alive.  But after he had passed, it was comforting to read his words again.  I can still hear his voice in his writings.

For a long time after that, I though that it would be fun to try to find login credentials for his BlogSpot account (now Blogger) - and continue the writing.  But I wasn't sure of how to go about this task.  Alas, I was inspired by today's news and decided to try.  Luckily for me, the task was easy.  Dad almost always used the same password - or a variant of it. 

By no means do I consider myself in the same vane that I regard my father.  He was deeply intelligent.  But as I see things in the news that I know he would comment on - I'm going to continue to add to his blog.

In the age of the militant Islamic terrorist group ISIS, Russian aggression into Ukraine, beheadings of American journalists and nude celebrity photo bombs - I know that dad would have something to say.